Breadcrumbs is a non-profit organization founded in 1891, whose motto is "From emergency to integration In a nutshell, the aim is to provide emergency assistance to people in difficulty and support their social and professional reintegration.

It implements appropriate solutions to welcome people in emergency situations and support them in their transition to a new life. social and professional reintegration sustainable. La Mie de Pain operates 7 structures, including Le Refuge, the largest emergency shelter in France, and the Foyer de Jeunes Travailleurs (FJT), which offers temporary accommodation to young people aged 18 to 25 who are in need of social and professional integration. These may be students, trainees, apprentices, young workers...

Refurbishment of the FJT computer room

C’est profit de cette dernière structure que notre club agit maintenant depuis plusieurs années, s’attelant à la réhabilitation complète de la salle informatique mise à disposition des résidents.

We regularly collect computer equipment which we recondition to give them a second life.

Les fonds collectés lors de l’action de wine sales nous ont permis d’équiper la salle informatique de fauteuils adaptés.

Several partner companies and club members generously donated computer equipment, which was refurbished and installed in the computer room at the mie de pain.

The initial feedback we've received has been very encouraging: the residents are delighted!

What next?

This new equipment - in particular several webcams - will enable our members to offer job interview simulations to young people, following on from l’action que nous menons avec les étudiants du lycée Simone Weil.

Partner companies