L’Institution nationale des Invalides: 350 ans de care, d’commitment, d’innovation and research in aid of the war wounded

A prestigious conference

This conference is part of our club's commitment to the Institution Nationale des Invalides.

Pictures of the evening

remi macarez

Rémi Macarez

Medical Inspector General

Director of the Institution Nationale des Invalides

After starting his career as an embarked doctor in the French Navy, with a particular focus on practicing emergency medicine in isolated situations, Rémi Macarez turned to a hospital career as an ophthalmologist in military hospitals.

A hospital ophthalmologist with experience in hyperbaric medicine and as a diver in the French Navy, he has conducted research focused on ophthalmology and diving medicine.

His career with the French Army Medical Corps has also given him the opportunity to experience several exceptional situations (one mission in Lebanon, and three in Afghanistan).

Since 2011, he has been moving into managerial roles, with the direction of the Hôpital d'Instruction des Armées Clermont-Tonnerre in 2015 and the Hôpital d'Instruction des Armées Percy in 2019.

He has been Director of the Institution nationale des Invalides since 2022.

I'm delighted to have had the opportunity to share in the innovative care and research projects that my teams and I are honored to lead at theInstitution nationale des Invalides for the benefit of wounded servicemen and women from "all battlefields", in keeping with the institution's motto, as well as for all our patients. French Army Health Service (SSA)

These projects put into perspective the emblematic and historic mission of this tercentenary institution, with its unique vocation as the "Maison des Invalides" (Home for the Invalids) as intended by Louis XIV, reminding us that this noble institution is also a resolutely modern establishment of excellence, meeting today's challenges in terms of quality and safety of care for the severely disabled.

Thanks to the members of Rotary Paris Agora pour leur accueil chaleureux ainsi que pour nos échanges inspirants qui m’ont permis de souligner l’engagement, l’humanité et le professionnalisme de tous mes personnels.

MGI Rémi Macarez (LinkedIn - 26/11/2023)