The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to humanitarian service, peace building and solving global issues. It is supported by a worldwide network of 46,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries, made up of 1.4 million committed professionals and volunteers.

Since its creation over a hundred years agoThe Rotary Foundation has invested more than $4 billion in transformative, sustainable projects.

the rotary foundation

Thanks to its actions and funding, The Rotary Foundation works for a better world promoting sustainable human development and international understanding.

The Rotary Foundation is also known for its flagship program, PolioPlus, which aims to éradiquer la polio à l’échelle mondiale.

Le fonctionnement de la Fondation Rotary repose sur le principe de contributions financières volontaires de la part des membres, mais aussi des subventions provenant de partenaires et de donateurs externes. Les fonds collectés sont ensuite utilisés pour financer une gamme de projets et d’initiatives dans des domaines tels que la santé, l’éducation, l’eau potable, l’alphabétisation, et la lutte contre les maladies.

Thanks to this collaborative, long-term approachThe Rotary Foundation has made significant progress in a number of areas. domaines d’action du Rotary tels que la santé maternelle et infantile, l’accès à l’eau potable, l’éducation de base et la lutte contre les épidémies.

Les subventions : un levier formidable pour l’action internationale

The Rotary Foundation operates on a grant-allotting model that allows clubs to request funding for local and international projects.

Allocated funds are carefully managed to maximize their impact, and projects are evaluated according to their relevance, their viability and their potential to create lasting positive change, and Rotarians play an active role in the selection, implementation, and supervision of funded projects.

Récapitulatif des subventions allouées pour l’année rotarienne 2022-2023
global grants
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district grants
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disaster relief grants
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Chaque année, la Fondation Rotary publie ses chiffres de l’année passée on its website.

Outstanding efficiency and reliability

The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International has some of the lowest operating costs of all foundations and NGOs.

Cela est rendu possible par le fait que la majeure partie du travail administratif pour l’allocation de subventions et pour le suivi de l’utilisation des fonds est effectué bénévolement par des Rotarians.

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As a result, 91% of the funds raised are used directly for Rotary programs and club projects, with the remaining 9% corresponding to bank or administrative charges.

proof charity navigator en

Charity Navigator is a independent rating agency which evaluates charities, foundations and NGOs.

It uses information published by non-profits and their tax information to evaluate them according to two criteria: financial strength and operating transparency.

An overall score, from zero to four stars, is awarded.

The Rotary Foundation has achieved a top score of 4 for several years in a row.

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The origins

In 1917, Europe was ravaged by a war on an unprecedented scale. At the same time, 2,500 people gathered in Atlanta, USA, to take part in the 8th annual Rotary Convention, a worldwide event held in a different country each year.

In the middle of his speech, President Arch Klumph launches a simple idea: “Il semble tout à fait approprié que nous acceptions des dotations afin de faire le bien dans le monde.”

Within a month, Rotary received $26.50, its first donation to what was to become The Rotary Foundation. les actifs dépassent aujourd’hui le milliard de dollars. Grâce à elle, les membres du Rotary disposent d’un véhicule pour œuvrer à travers le monde en faveur des Rotary causes.

La Fondation Rotary aujourd’hui