Who are Rotarians?

Rotary International is an association of volunteers from the business, professional and civic communities. Rotarians are dedicated to humanitarianaction and the promotion of world peace.

Rotary aims to cultivate the ideal of service to which every honorable profession aspires, and is committed to:

  • leverage relationships and contacts to serve the public interest
  • To observe the highest standards of ethical conduct in the practice of all vocations, to recognize the dignity of all useful occupations, and to regard the vocations of all Rotarians as vehicles for service to society.
  • apply the ideal of service in private, professional, community and public life
  • to advance understanding between peoples, altruism and respect for peace through friendly relations between members of the professions, united by the ideal of service
What do Rotarians and Rotary clubs do?

Rotarians work for remedy major problems, locally and abroadby providing health care, medical equipment, drinking water, food and vocational training courses, and by promoting youth development and access to education for the millions of people who need it.

Our mission

We put ourselves in the service of othersand promote integrity, mutual understanding, goodwill and peace. through our network of professionals and leaders.

Rotary's vision

Together, we see a world where people come together and take action to bring lasting change - in the world, in their communities and in themselves.

We work differently

  • We see things differently: our multidisciplinary approach allows us to tackle difficulties with originality.
  • We think differently: we put our leadership and expertise to societal causes and find innovative solutions.
  • We are responsible: our passion and perseverance produce results. lasting changes.
  • We have an impact in our city and in the world: our members are present worldwide.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

En tant que réseau mondial qui s’efforce de construire un monde où les gens se rassemblent et passent à l’action pour apporter un changement durableRotary believes in diversity and values the contributions of individuals from all walks of life, regardless of age, background, race, color, ability, religion, socio-economic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation or gender.