Mastering the Internet: an education needed from an early age

The Internet, the web and social media have become indispensable tools.

But how well do we know how to use them? It's a fact that we're often content to surf these tools, without mastering them.

This conference shows that this lack of control can cost us dearly. To us and especially... to our children!

Le conférencier, Jérome Bondu, est auteur du livre “Master the Internet... before the Internet masters you".

Read the speaker's report on his blog.

jerome bondu

This conference was co-organized by Rotary Paris Agora, Paris Grenelle and e-Club Paris International.

Elle a eu lieu le 30 janvier 2020 à l’amphithéatre Louis de l’Ecole Militaire.

An event under the patronage of French National Commission for UNESCO.


Download the free booklet:

A twenty-page booklet was published in conjunction with the conference.

It is made up of elements found in the speaker's book and is suitable for reading by secondary school students.

It was co-written by Elias and Matis, sons of Jérome Bondu.

Sponsors de l’événement :

A few pictures of the conference

Find out more here all the photos of the event.