Creativity at the heart of the company

March 2, 2006 - By Guy R. Cloutier

How can creativity become an essential economic lever for achieving our objectives and those of our customers, so as to create added value for our companies?

Guy Cloutier will help us recognize the addictions that prevent us from achieving our goals and those of our customers, discover our potential through the realization of our goals and those of our customers, become autonomous entrepreneurs and help our customers to do so by drawing on the entrepreneurial values of integrity, ethics and creativity.

guy r cloutier

With over twenty-five years of practical experience as an entrepreneur, Guy R. Cloutier is the forerunner of a new vision for the individual and the company of the future.

His lectures focus on the need for individuals and companies to realize their dreams and creative potential, and to develop a sense of autonomy, responsibility and ethics.

Guy R. Cloutier has given over 350 conferences worldwide, including 125 in Europe.

Author and publisher of the books "Le Pouvoir du Futur" and "Les Règles d'or", as well as their English versions "The Power of the Future" and "The Golden Rules", Guy Cloutier offers a unique professional background as president of a trading house that exports inventions.

He is a master trainer of business families, a progressive chartered accountant, a teacher and a futuristic lecturer.