Cybercrime: threats, vulnerabilities and responses

June 6, 2002 - By Daniel Martin

In 1999, virus attacks alone cost the global IT industry 84 billion francs (12.8 billion euros). And today, the major threat is no longer from playful or malicious hackers - but from real criminals. In February 2001, the FBI's Anti-Cybercrime Center reported that banks and on-line commerce were under heavy attack from Russian and Ukrainian cybercriminals. At the beginning of 2001, 40 American companies in 20 states were attacked; the credentials and codes of a million credit cards were stolen.

In France, cybercriminals stole 321 million francs from the Cartes Bancaires network in 2000. Le Figaro (March 10, 2001) warns that "organized crime is taking over the Net". Daniel Martin exposes all the facets of inventive, evolving - and all the more dangerous - cybercrime.

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daniel martin

Daniel MARTIN is Honorary Divisional Commissioner of the French National Police, Head of Department at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (O.C.D.E.), where he has worked since 1992, and Special Advisor to the Executive Director.

An internationally recognized expert in cybercrime and a former member of the French counter-espionage service, he created and headed the Information Systems Department of the French Territorial Surveillance Service (D.S.T.).