Zlatograd Hospital: Donation of equipment in partnership with Sofia International

The Rotary Paris Agora supports the Rotary Sofia Internationalwhich organized the supply of medical equipment to the Zlatograd hospital.

The hospital in Zlatograd, in southern Bulgaria close to the Greek border, has launched an appeal for donations to help manage the Covid crisis.

In coordination with the Rotary Zlatograd and plant management, Rotarians from Paris Agora and Sofia International responded positively to this appeal.

The combined efforts of these clubs raised over €3,000 worth of medical equipment, mainly consisting of non-contact thermometers, medical gloves, hand and floor disinfectants, protective goggles, protective visors and gowns.

Several members of the Sofia International club ensured the delivery of medical equipment to the Zlatograd hospital on January 23, 2021.

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We have been twinned with Rotary Sofia International since 2021.