La dictée du Rotary

Since 2012, the Rotary Dictation has become a key event in the Rotarian year to promote the fight against illiteracy.

Created by District 1760, many other clubs and Districts in France followed, then Morocco, Tunisia, Cyprus, Burkina Faso and Hungary. Thus, dictation has become "La Dictée du Rotary France et pays francophones" (The Rotary Dictation for France and French-speaking countries)

This event helps to finance initiatives to prevent illiteracy, such as theCoup de Pouce Associationor reading and writing clubs for first-grade children with learning difficulties.

The general public is expected to turn out in force to take part in the Rotary dictation, and Larousse dictionaries bearing the Rotary and dictation logos will be awarded to the best performers.

Chaque année, des miliers d’amoureux de notre langue participent, en France et à l’étranger !

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