Espoir en tête

Every year since 2005 - the centenary year of Rotary International - all over France, in hundreds of cinemas, at the call of the Rotarians of France, around one hundred thousand spectators gather for a moment of conviviality and attend together the projection of a great film to the benefit of the fundamental brain research.

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In almost 20 years - and as many cinema releases - over 90 projects have been financed, for a total of over 15 million euros.

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Choosing research-funded projects

Following an exceptional call for tenders launched each season by the FRC (Federation for Brain Research), partner ofEspoir en têteThe FRC's Scientific Council studies and ranks the research projects received by the FRC in order of scientific preference, with French Rotarians represented in the selection process. Espoir en tête finances these projects up to the amount collected, which is thus paid in full to fundamental brain research.

Specificity ofEspoir en têteThese contracts are exclusively for high-tech research materials and equipment.

  • On each €15 entryafter deduction of the cost of the cinema ticket, Rotarians raise a minimum of €8 which they donate to the FRC (Fédération pour la Recherche sur le Cerveau) 
  • The FRC's Scientific Advisory Board meets every year following a call for tenders, and selects the winners.
  • Tax advantage: for the purchase of a minimum of 5 vouchers for individuals and 10 vouchers for companies, entitle the 8€ donation to one tax reduction of 60% for companies and 66% for individuals. (Tax receipts are issued by the FRC at the end of the year)

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