Food Bank collection

Every year, on the last weekend of November, during the national fundraising drive, the Food Banks appeal to the generosity of the general public.

Like other associations, the Rotary is strongly committed to this initiative and plays an active role in organizing the fund-raising campaign. Visit Rotarians get together every year to help organize and welcome donations during this great weekend of solidarity.

It's important to remember that the aim of this atypical food drive is not to raise money, but to collect non-perishable food products, which are then stored on the premises of the Food BankThis chain of solidarity enables the most vulnerable people in the world to feed themselves in a balanced way. Thanks to this chain of solidarity, people in great need can eat their fill in a balanced way.

The members of the Rotary Paris Agora Carrefour Market customers in the 17th arrondissement of Paris.

The food bank on video

Every year, our club takes part in the food bank drive.

Several of our members in action appear in this video montage produced by one of our members for the District 1660.