Charter presentation for Rotary Paris Grenelle

On Wednesday, June 24, we were all gathered for a very special occasion: the presentation of the charter and the handover of power from the Rotary Paris Grenelle, a club we sponsored.

The dinner took place at Camping de Parison the terrace, where we enjoyed warm, sunny weather.

Rotary Paris Grenelle is a club located in the 15th arrondissement. Its founding president, Sergueï Bavykine, is a former member of the Rotary Paris Agorawho sponsored this new club.

We were delighted to welcome several guests from other clubs, including Rotary Paris Haussmann.

Serge Lescoat, Governor of District 1660 was unavailable, he was replaced by Catherine Mulnet, Past-Governor.

Jean-Philippe Baur, Governor Designate, acted as master of ceremonies.

Sergei Bavykin receives his club's charter, and is presented with the traditional bell by Hadrien Pouch, President of Rotary Agora.

rotary agora charte grenelle 20
Sergei delivers his speech.

Hadrien Pouch hands over a PHF (Paul Harris Fellow) to Sergueï to reward him for his involvement and tenacity throughout the creation of Rotary Grenelle. The other PHF holders present joined them in congratulating him.

Transfer of power

The event was also the occasion for the Passing of Powers of Rotary Paris Grenelle, whose new President is Rodolphe Ponchet.

No fewer than six new members were inducted. They received their badges from Catherine and Rodolphe.

rotary agora charte grenelle 12

Group photo of the new members of Rotary Paris Grenelle, accompanied by Jean-Luc Pouch, Governor-Elect, Jean-Philippe Baur, Governor-Appointed, on the left, as well as Catherine Mulnet, Past-Governor and Hadrien Pouch, President. Rotary Paris Agora.

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